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These are our unique programmes

Full Moon Nile & Stillness Retreat

Experience the Power of Stillness at the most mysterious sites of Ancient Egypt. Bathe in the Moon Light by the Nile River. Tap into the energies of Pyramids of Giza…

Golden Awareness

Experience the wonders of mysterious Egypt while cruising on the Nile. Visit the magnificent ancient sites of Luxor, Edfu, Kom Ombo and Aswan to enrich your soul. Surrender to the…

Entering the Sacred

Introduction to entering the sacred sites. Travel to timeless locations to connect with the Ancient Goddesses and awaken the divine feminine. Nourish your creative and sensitive self at most secluded…

55 Weeks in Egypt
33 Weeks solo
12000 Kilometers
16 Full Moons
If you want to experience the treasures of Egypt, and begin to understand its secrets, you will find no more dedicated guide than Monika. Malcolm B, London
Quite extraordinary. I would recommend without hesitation Monika’s method of working. It has gentle but far reaching affects. Amanda, Holistic Practitioner, Yoga Teacher
I was amazed by the rapid changes that occurred. Matt, Business Analyst