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TRANSFER ŚWIADOMOŚCI Przebudzenie do funkcji roli planetarnej Według channelingu, transmisji i technologii kosmicznych z Moniką Śleszyńską Nowa edycja „Transfer świadomości” odbędzie się w trzech poziomach: *przygotowujący *rozszerzony *zaawansowany Cel: Otwarcie…


OPEN UP TO LIFE WITH THE POWER FREQUENCY OF BEAUTY, LOVE & ELEGANCE Beauty is Love Beauty is Truth Beauty is Elegance  You can’t buy true class however you can improve…


Budujemy sukces! Dołącz do nas! Codzienna dawka rozluźnienia i nawigacja a energią Sukcesu! Medytacje dla połączenia z energią Sukcesu Energia Sukcesu Upgrade Kolektywny “Odpowiedzialność za Sukces jest w Tobie” Zapraszam…

Authority Consciousness seanse

12-12-2020 5pm UK time 1,5 h on line live * Discover the most auspicious directions in the field of authority * Learn what supports your personal embodiment of the authority…

Time Leverage & Grand Tune 12/12/2020

12-12-2020 8pm UK time 1h on line live with Monika Sleszynska Imagine you could shift about anything! The you who is stronger, bolder, complete, celestial, incredible already exists. YOU ARE…

55 Weeks in Egypt
33 Weeks solo
12000 Kilometers
16 Full Moons

Monika Sleszynska is a qualified and professional London based highly attuned MasterMind developer, transformation and change facilitator, working with advanced and quantum hypnosis, channeling and Ancient Egyptian Light technologies.

If you want to experience the treasures of Egypt, and begin to understand its secrets, you will find no more dedicated guide than Monika. Malcolm B, London
Quite extraordinary. I would recommend without hesitation Monika’s method of working. It has gentle but far reaching affects. Amanda, Holistic Practitioner, Yoga Teacher
I was amazed by the rapid changes that occurred. Matt, Business Analyst


Here are frequently asked questions and answers

We take care of all the travel arrangements for you. We will help you to organize the flight. All the travel details are arranged for your most comfort and enjoyable experience and introduction to Egypt. Monika brings that extra ingredient of passion, knowledge and engaging with the mysterious at the sites. You will feel welcomed. You will have space and freedom for individual experience and expansion and opportunity to feel the eternal.

Once in Egypt you will be surprised how amazing it is. Be prepared for the experience beyond your expectations. All attendees are treated with gentleness and respect and consideration. You individual needs are addressed and honoured. Monika will introduce you to the sites in her special way.

Egypt has a long history of experience in the field of tourism. The country has been welcoming visitors in a special way for the centuries. Even in modern times, the experience and feel of the traditional Egyptian custom is timeless.

Please read the reviews from previous programmes. All the basic arrangements are taken care of so you can relax and surrender to the beauty and magic of Egypt. The tours are led in a gentle way. We do not run timing marathons. Please allow some flexibility for uninterrupted flow. We are happy to accommodate flexible extensions to assure most leisure able experience. We wish for you to enjoy and get more than just a snapshot. The programmes are designed in a way so you can taste deeper experience of Egypt beyond the traditional sightseeing tours. This is to enhance your direct and indirect experience at the sites.

I would definitely recommend everyone to visit Egypt. Monika has travelled thousands of kilometers across Egypt and to some of the most remote corners of Egypt with groups and solo in recent years. Not only she did not have any problems, she encountered utmost care, high security and assistance. We suggest you to read her blogs. We suggest for you to read the story published in the blog of Peter Greenberg, Travel Editor for CBS News.

The Travel Detective Blogs: Is it Safe to Travel to Egypt?

The events of previous years did not stop the passionate travelers and history explorer’s form visiting Egypt. Despite the dropped numbers, Egypt has welcomed travelers from around the world. The ancient sites remain one of the safest areas. The cultural heritage is highly protected and secure.

The major vaccines that are recommended for Egypt are for yellow fever (which is common throughout large parts of Africa), Tetanus and Hepatitis. If you're travelling to Egypt from the UK, there is no legal requirement to have vaccines unless you suffer from any other illness that weakens your immune system. If you are susceptible to insects, wear a good insect repellent to guard against insect bites and cover your arms and legs in the evenings when mosquitoes and insects can be active. It may be helpful to carry a small medical kit with painkillers and anti diarrhoea tablets as they may not be freely available. Above all enjoy yourself and make sure you have travel insurance to cover you.

There will be an experienced and passionate team of representatives including tour guide, driver and at times other assistants. Our Egypt team comprise of local people who know how to navigate and deliver most comfort. They will assure the most enjoyable journey. Monika and her team of selected facilitators is dedicated to assure your most satisfactory experience.

You will be introduced to initiations and practices to enliven your soul. Each programmes offers unique introduction beyond the books, history or standard travel.

You will join with others who enter with open hearts to feel the space and to expand into the wholeness/align with the wholeness.

The secret to successful experience is in preparation and navigation. As you start, you will feel the momentum building up and expanding to take you through furfure gateway s to open your perception and expand your understanding of yourself and Ancient Egypt.

The ancient sites open to those who listen. There is a protocol how to attend the sites and the tours are guided in accordance with that protocol to assure your connectedness and allow yourself to feel the embrace of the sites.

The programme includes group sessions and chance for individual interaction. It includes: daily meditations, attunments and activations at the sites, in a desert and under the stars. There will be space for talks, discussions, life channelling and sharing. We will be actively tuning in to the sites and holding a rhythm during the trip. The programme will be filled with active group coaching while at the sites and beyond.

Egypt opens to those who know how and where to listen. This is what Monika will be presenting and teaching so you can make the most of the trip and the programme. Monika will be blending the creative personal development with the language of the sites so all can tune in and benefit. This will serve as a guideline and help in conscious navigation through the tour.

You are welcome to book additional individual sessions with Monika to enrich your transformation.

Tours include:
– Cairo airport to Giza hotel transfer.
– Single occupancy rooms.
– Accommodation in Giza at 5* Le Meridien hotel.
– Accommodation in Luxor at 5*Mercure Le Sphinx hotel or similar.
– Accommodation in Luxor at 5*Mercure Le Sphinx hotel or similar.
– Accommodation at exceptional Taziry Eco Lodge in Siwa Oasis or similar.
– All transfers as per the mentioned itinerary.
– All entrance fees for the above-mentioned sightseeing.
– All activities as mentioned unless specified as optional.
– All breakfasts. Specified lunches and dinners.
– Full board during all days in Siwa Oasis.
– English speaking tour guide during sightseeing.
– Monika’s signatures programmes.

Tour excludes:
– Visa entry to Egypt.
– Unspecified dinners and lunches.
– Any international or domestic flights.
– Any personal expenses such as drinks, laundry, etc.
– Any optional trips or unmentioned items above.
– Travel insurance. Tipping.

Egypt is known for its freshest, delicious and authentic cuisine. The Egyptian fruit is delicious and high in antidoxants..

You will attend carefully selected restaurants delivering fresh and authentic cuisine mixed with atmospheric ambient.

There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. Please indicate if you have any allergies or special requirements. This will be accommodated wit utmost attention.

Siwa oasis is famous for its delicious locally grown produce, grown organically in highly oxygenated air. September is the special month of date harvest. You will have opportunity to taste the golden fruit in its freshest.

In Cairo you will stay in comfortable 5* Le Meridian hotel with spacious rooms welcoming international visitors around the year. You will enjoy the closeness of the Pyramid side and all the 5 star facilities including Spa. In Luxor you will enjoy comfortable hotel with a beautiful garden on the Nile with most quietness, outdoor pool and terraces. In Minia you will stay in the most renowned town hotel beautifully set on the Nile where you can wake up to the magical Sunrise on the Nile to your bedroom window and balcony. There is plenty of open space at the Nile garden.

In Siwa you will stay in the fabulous, exceptional Eco Lodge famous for its magical setting in pristine nature location where you will experience the most incredible sleep and rejuvenation as Siwa is known for its mysterious healing qualities for many centuries. In the past king used to go to rejuvenate. You will be enchanted by the traditional Siwan architecture. Stay at Siwan Eco lodge is a unique and exceptional experience. The property offers plenty of open space, fresh spring water swimming pool, stunning sunrise and sunset panoramas. There are expansive and comfortable terraces providing a magical setting to admire the unique nature scenery look at the stars and enjoy outdoor meals in the fresh air. The meals are made from locally grown highest quality natural produce and prepared by renowned Moroccan chef. You will drink fresh spring water known for its health qualities and high mineral content.

In Siwa be prepared for exceptional nature experience. The stuff members and guides are open and caring and utmost dedicated to deliver exceptional experience. Egyptians are proud of their country and heritage and their dedication exceeds expectations.

Please inform us about any special requirements and we will fulfill your reasonable wishes. For any unusual enquiries, we will research, consult and do our best.

You are requested to have travel insurance for Egypt. If you do not have one yet as a part of annual deal, it is easy to obtain with various on line providers as a single trip. Visit www.travelsupermarket.com for travel insurance deals. It will take you a few minutes to book and you will be insured and ready to sleep with peace of mind.