Consciousness Editing by Alberto Bellu, London

Egypt was a very unexpected experience for me. From the energetic point of view, my main goals were to witness the equinox from the Siwan oasis in Sahara desert, to connect with my power of manifesting through vibration, sound and creating through vibration, frequency, communing through the same with physical matter all the way deep enough to reach the Source, also communing with the Archetypes .. and I found myself getting more than what I bargained for. Egypt after all is the absolute top peak in bargaining, one may find.

The first thing that struck me after landing to Cairo, is this powerfully inescapable smell of bone burning. For those unfamiliar with it.. if you ever assisted someone being incinerated, you’ll never forget. All of a sudden I was struck with memories that I could not forget also, most of themfrom other peoples past lives.

Apparently Nut (goddess Archetype governing the skies) decided to turn herself inside outin this dance they like to dance in front of me, as if I was a one and only spectator.. . which I was, actually.
In the times of feminine age returning – NOW – Nut will start to turn the skies inside out, shake them like a silk scarf, in her dance of reminding us the past life skills and all our growth. Can you see her?

Tel El Amarna is a place that is quite panoramically picturesque, but in its profundity it will reveal, why Akenaton decides to come here and become the rebel king. The place is just bursting with energy and information as the tombs just shower me with cascades of light. And this light, the stories of the people that where honoured being buried there. The height priest of Akenaton showed to me the creation of a neurone and then placed it into the flow of my being, as my nervous system got activated with that, I went further through the stories shared there and the faces of the people, their character. Nut appeared again all over the ceilings of the tombs, stars represented with same symbols as the nets some figures were depicted fishing with. Egyptians knew that the sky is a net and everything is connected subtly at a some yet unperceived level. I knew everything, emotionally, visually, symbolically.. But in their hearts was written how they lived their lives also for me to uncover them in that moment. What a privilege! And so I bowed everywhere I could in reverence to this communion. Sometimes the energy takes me so high it feels as if I’m about to leave my body any moment, but then a grounding occurs. We have witnessed the sun going down from El Menia. The beauty of that sunset shared in unity with the keepers of the tombs gave us a sun with auras in shape of hearts. I can’t recall the sun ever honouring my presence in such a way. In the meantime the river was taking any of our thoughts of worry, washing them further in the horizon. All doubt that this is a perfect moment disappeared and we found our self-experiencing bliss. The sun turned blood red before setting, it bowed to me, I bowed to it and then it disappeared in its heart shaped auras.