Entering the Sacred by Malcolm Burton, London

If you want to experience the treasures of Egypt, and begin to understand its secrets, you will find no more dedicated guide than Monika.

How do stones become alive with energy? Why do the burial grounds of ancient Egyptian leaders evoke such strong feelings and emotions? And how does the River Nile add a potent mix?

Monika’s greatest strength during this tour, was to allow these conditions to evolve, and for each person to find true meaning in their own way. There were many highlights. In the Pyramids at Giza she had her own way of guiding through the maze of these mysterious structures so that you were able to soak in the energy at your own pace. This helped the process of asking the right questions. Why were they built and to what purpose? Monika doesn’t necessarily give you the answers but she leaves you with a sense of awe leading individuals to various conclusions of their own. These great structures are not to be experienced as a fast moving tourist.

And what about the great pharaoh Akhenaten? Monika assists with experiencing the area of his spiritual home at Tel El Amarna. He was the one ruler of Ancient Egypt who insisted there was but one true God.

There are many highlights. If you want to experience the treasures of Egypt, and begin to understand its secrets, you will find no more dedicated guide than Monika.

I have travelled through many countries and found inspiration and pleasure from meeting many different people. Countries that have been particularly inspiring include Sweden and Portugal. However, from my perspective, no country approaches Egypt for offering true transformation. The Giza Pyramids are energizing in the extreme and one can only wonder and be in awe at the motivations for their construction. Other sacred sites in Egypt appear on the surface to be just burial grounds, but they are more than that. They emit a special energy which has to be experienced to be believed; these places are truly transformational.