The Pyramids, the Oracle and Equinox Experience in Siwa Oasis with Kasia Gdowska

How many of you have you read the book called ‘The Alchemist’ written by Paolo Coelho? And how many of you have travelled to Egypt? Kasia Gdowska is one of the roughly 65mln people who have read the book and has taken a journey to the Egyptian desert.

Kasia is sharing her experience of visiting Egypt and attending newly discovered solar alignment in Siwa oasis during the September 2015 “Equinox Alignments and Desert Whispers” programme with Monika Sleszynska.
How did you experience Egypt?
Egypt was welcoming from the very first impression. My association of the country was not on the top list places to visit but arriving and experiencing the culture, meeting the people, seeing the care and being at the temple was very special.
Siwa oasis was an experience and touch of something created by pure nature. I had no clue about it until spending time there. It is something which needs to be experienced in order to be understood and felt how beautiful it is.

What would you say about the new discovery of Equinox Alignments, having experienced it?
It was tasting something which I never knew that existed.

What was it like when you went to the Pyramids?


I loved the experience at the Pyramids. Monika’s approach and inquiry brought me significant resolutions. I wish I had recorded what I said when I was inside the Great Pyramid because that was powerful.

What made you choose to go to Egypt and to experience Monika’s programme?
It was Monika’s passion and what I know she truly believes. It was going with someone who has truly experienced the sites and who knew how to connect with the sites, not just from the books or documentaries.

How would you advice others to look forward to?
Just going there all you need is to be mind and heart opened. I listened to my inner guidance, followed the instincts and it was a great deeply enriching experience.
You cannot relate this event to others in words. You just have to go and feel and Monika delivered that navigation. Before deciding to go on the trip, I was going through a transition and many changes and challenges. The many of them have put me through very chaotic time.

How did you find the process of the tour?
The first impression was very welcoming. Coming to Egypt brought me a great peace. I was able to detach from everything and let go off my fears. I was really embracing, caring and loving. It was like being in the house of God. I am becoming more minimalistic and am able to use my focus for new directions. I feel I have a space to create more and to welcome the new. I am more observant. I am not distracted by the material objects or needs. Since then life brought me a lot of travels, new projects, new friendships and a better relationship with myself. The whole baggage of things I thought I had to have, the home, the items, I was able to let go of this and know that I don’t have to fit into anything. It gave me inner freedom.

What was the morning of the Equinox Sunrise like?
To be honest it was not as spectacular in visions as I have thought it would be. I was almost expecting the Northern lights. It was definitely not the theme. It was more about the inner experience. It was definitely something inside other than visual fireworks. It was the awareness of being there and knowing that I was one of the very few people being there. It was almost like being selected. Wow, how many people on the planet Earth know about it. I could count the number of people there. Although it was such a remote place, while there I realised what a hidden gem it is. On the Equinox Sunrise morning I felt something inside but I am not sure if I could put it well into words and I knew that I was at the right place and at the right time.

Siwa Oasis is an enchanting desert paradise. Its fame reaches far into ancient history. It was treasured and visited by the kings and known for its rich environment that provided rejuvenation. Alexander the Great himself went to consult the Oracle of Amun to confirm his godhood.
You can expect to be deeply mesmerised by the beauty of the Siwa Oasis, as it is situated in a below-sea-level area of the Western Desert and is abundant in natural, highly alkaline qualities. It’s a truly magical place with a unique landscape and paradise sunsets and sunrise panoramas, a sea of green palms, highly oxygenated air, hot and cold springs, natural and local food produce, an amazing desert experience, salt lakes and Eco lodges.
The mysterious and up-until-recently forgotten Ancient Timasirayn Temple with Equinox Alignments was discovered in Siwa in the Spring of 2013. In September 2015, Kasia witnessed the fourth public viewing. The discovery has been made by the independent American and Canadian researchers, Dustin Donaldson and Robynn Iwata. It is a truly wonderful event in history and for Egypt.

The unique design provides you with viewing of the equinox sunrise over the famous Amun Oracle. It places the Timasirayn temple together with other unique ancient temples worldwide (like Angkor Wat in Cambodia and Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico). It is a discovery that puts Siwa on an elite list of ‘must see’ places in Egypt.

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