Between the Words – Equinox Morning Vision

By Monika Sleszynska

The Equinox times are energetically abundant. They bring powerful flow and opportunity to expand awareness. I have been bathing in the Equinoctial Wave and awareness. Being in between the worlds and far in the Universe. What would we see looking at the planet Earth if we travelled way deep into the Universe and looked from a far distance? 

I have being seeing many souls awakening on Earth. Each soul is being seen as so precious and each one person awakening is an event and a celebration in the Universe. It is a call for everyone, not just the attuned ones, aware ones and lightworkers. The message is to be more understanding and gentle for those who are awakening. It is a call to be very tender with them as awakening is a very delicate process. People need that gentleness. 

Another insight is about understanding more about the energy flow and mastering it. We influence everything around us. When we are conscious of that we understand better how we affect the reality around as and how we choose to align with the reality we live in. When we understand how much power we have in influencing the world around us, we stop harming one another and ourselves. Instead, we realize the positive impact we can have and how much we can give to others as conscious creators. We understand that we can enhance and repair, heal and balance.

When we understand it, we start to grasp that we as humanity are responsible for creating the existing imbalances. As the same time we are becoming aware that we can bring balance on a massive scale. When we understand this, we know that there is no point in creating something which limits others. We set them free and they come back to us. We set them free and this is so fresh to them to have this freedom. The more freedom you give to others, the more they come back to you. There have been so much imposed on humanity, on individuals that it is so fresh to not to restrict or limit anyone. So the more open and giving we are, the more people come back to us. Yes, we have the business structure for services or goods but once this is in place, it is about what we give with this and through