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Exceptional Type of Hypnotherapy for Regression and Progression

Why? – because it is an incredible and perhaps most interesting therapeutic tool.
Who for? – it is for everyone but especially for those who feel it has significance in our understanding of today’s new world.

What the bleep do we know?
Are you puzzled about yourself and about things and events in your life?
Would you like to understand more about your relationships in your life?
Would you like to discover about your talents, skills and abilities?
How much of yourself, your relationships, and your behaviour patterns do you understand?
By accessing past lives (regardless of whether you are sure you believe or not) this therapy is a great tool to learn about yourself, and to have more personal awareness and understanding.

Knowing who you are helps you to understand better the aspects
of your current self. Knowing your past helps you to know your future. You are learning about yourself. You are who you are aware of.

Mind Journeys
There are many various benefits of travelling in your consciousness,and any mind journey, whether into a past or future life, is beneficial,and most of all an extraordinary and liberating experience. Whether regressing to our past lives or into future realities, the Time Travel therapies are perhaps the most enjoyable and extraordinarily fascinating
form of therapy.

Consciousness Expansion
Every session is a build-up of the neural pathway connections leading to raising your consciousness. It is good for us when mind is creative and experiences a different reality. It expands our awareness, and that is a mind fitness, and an enjoyable experience of discovery.

Healing and Empowerment
It seems that as the collective consciousness has shifted, so has the recalled experience of past lives. Therefore, in recent times more and more incredible journeys are being experienced. While in the past it was more about healing trauma, in current regressions it is reported that the experience is fascinating, empowering, and greatly expands the individual’s consciousness.

New Generation Therapy
It leads to a conclusion that the therapy of the past was about pain, and the therapy of the future is about joy, excitement, inventions and evolution. Why shouldn’t it be so? Wouldn’t it be nice if we just liberated ourselves into a happy therapy? Many have been put off therapy by the painful post therapy experience. Luckily, the current media is presenting this therapy with a much more positive outlook. Yes, the therapy can be pleasant.

I love therapy in hypnosis for it has allowed me to experience what I have longed for. By awakening something within myself, I was able to connect with it and manifest it as my reality. I felt in love with my future self. I was amazed and empowered by my other past selves from ancient times.

Healing and Empowerment
By tapping into the unresolved events of the past we open a pathway for healing and empowerment. The awareness of past events allows physical relief and mental uplift on many levels in our current reality.

Ancient Wisdom
Regression journeys bring an incredible awareness of lost knowledge,including discoveries of ancient truths. As we expand we gain greater understanding of our past lives. As we evolve, the past lives we access change too. It might be that at the beginning it requires healing. Once this has been accomplished, an even more enjoyable journey is available
to us. The formula is simple, the more we do it, the better it gets, and the more fluent we become in making the most of it.

Lost Knowledge
One of the most predominant characteristics is “lost knowledge” being discovered through past life regressions. The stories from other life times are absolutely fascinating. Every so often I find myself amazed and feeling like I am in the most private cinema discovering the very special details of history and knowledge filled with wisdom. One of the more exciting revelations is that on quite a few occasions my clients have revealed that I was one of the main players in their session.

The Game of Life
We so much enjoy watching movies, don’t we? As a human species we are fascinated by watching others’ life stories, emotions, failure and success. We love watching the game of life. However, why not, as an alternative to this, watch ourselves playing, as the main actors, in another reality, at another point in our journey through time?

Expanded perception of the Self
Contrary to some beliefs, everybody will greatly benefit from this type of visual and emotional mind journey. This is an incredible opportunity to learn about our emotions, desires, abilities. This is just such a wonderful modality to expand our consciousness. It is also a wonderful tool to expand awareness about yourself. It is very empowering.It expands both our awareness and consciousness.

Fast track learning
When mind creates and experiences a different reality, it is easier for us to see our circumstances in a new and positive light allowing us to move forward with a new empowered attitude and inspirational breakthroughs. Once we experience new empowered and free reality in our minds, we awaken that in our consciousness, therefore creating a pathway for a new
desired outcome. Whenever our minds go through a pleasant experience, that is therapeutic in itself. It can be compared to a fast track learning process for the soul available to us in this lifetime. Imagine you do not have to experience another lifetime as meaning you have to be born into the body again and again in order to learn a lesson. You do not have to die and be reborn in order to experience it. You can learn that lesson in the comfort of your local area and the therapy room. Why not to treat yourself to this opportunity? You either want to be back here again and again or you can have this lesson in an accelerated way.

Soul Integration
In these journeys we have an opportunity to retrieve aspects of ourselves from the other times. It is about integrating our energy with our soul. According to many sources, it is important that we make that connection now. You have available to you an amazing tool to make that connection and integration. This is a necessary integration and is an attachment to our experience here on Earth. According to spiritual sources, it is a last chance in our current lifetime to integrate past life experiences and it is advised for those who feel this to be so. We feel we must integrate it now and that it needs to happen now. So many people sense that this is what they need to do now.

These will be different for each individual depending on what is most required in one’s personal journey and evolution. In a way, it is an intelligence delivering the most appropriate insights, solutions and breakthroughs.
– Past Life Regression helps in healing diseases, illnesses and ailments of a psychosomatic nature, and which have been born in the mind and manifested in the body. This comes about by bringing an understanding of how the body/mind connection works, while going to the root cause and bringing awareness about the reason for it.
– Frees us from deeply repressed memories and stuck emotions.
– Helps us to understand our deep friendships and partnerships, and the contracts we have been involved with. It heals difficult relationships issues.
– Helps us to gain insights and new angles of perception into the unexplainable.
– Allows us to get clarity about the deeper meaning of our lives, and the reasons we are here, and reconnects us with our purpose in life.
– Allows us to overcome limitations constructed through negative mental attitudes.
– Brings clarity into unexplained dissatisfaction in your life by bringing about alignment between life purpose and your life’s path.

People report feeling more whole about themselves.
People who are puzzled about themselves or situations in their lives, or have been stuck in repetitive patterns and emotional blockages, have found that Time Traveling brings freedom and relief allowing a path to open for manifesting the life we dream of.

By freeing ourselves from the past, which is healing, we allow a clear path for the future. Progression is about visualizing our goal. We do it all the time anyway, but in hypnosis we do it with a focused attention which brings that desired reality into manifestation. You can examine how you like it, then adjust it, and you can have a preview of the reality of your choice. Just like you try the clothes in the fitting room of the store department, you can get a feel of your future self.

Glimpse your dreams
The real purpose of glimpsing any undesired outcome is for you to know that you can change it by taking certain actions, therefore allowing you to be aligned with the outcome you want. Having found that fulfilled and successful future reality, people report peace in their soul, joy in their hearts, and motivation to pursue their goals. Many people have told us and we have been programmed by the challenges of the past, that happiness is impossible. Yet we long for it, and know that it is possible, and it must be.

“All men dream of he must be” – Maslov

Join “Equinox Alignments & Desert Whispers” during the March Spring Equinox in Siwa oasis to experience Quantum Healing Hypnosis in the divine realms of Egyptian Desert during the most auspicious time.