By Monika Sleszynska

First there must be an interpretation.

Upon the interpretation happens the integration.

First one must interpret.

The interpretation means: towards integration.

With interpretation, happens the integration.

* When people really look to achieve in business they are first seek to understand, however this understanding means interpretation.

* It is up to them how they interpret what is ahead of them, what is in front of them, what could be there… And how they interpret it. This means their relationship with the vision itself, their relation with what is in front of them.

* This supremely includes that it is interconnected with and linked to the dynamics of the relationship of the newer environment they want to reach and aspire with the environment they have grown up in.

Acknowledging the newer self in its future environment
“The Mushroom Parabel”
When the mushroom grows up, it grows into the shape of the setting. The mushroom adapts fantastically. People are like mushrooms. Look how the mushrooms grow in the wild forest. The mushroom will grow anywhere, out of a tree, around another mushroom. When one is in an open broad space, then one understands better, then one grows like a mushroom on its own in plenty of space.

Reaching Recognition
The vision needs space, then interpretation leads to and eventually grows recognition. This in a way bit a bit is similar to how they are doing now through the powering up of the understanding. One must reconnect with the vision whenever questions as such arise.

Going deeper with the interpretation…
It is about how some people only talk about an idea and how some actually go about it.
And here comes the function of the interpretation!!! The actualisation!

How to understand the actualisation of the interpretation?

To actualise means to bring validation, for one / for us, to make something valid, we give it validation, that we confirm. We affirm.

Visionary superlative skills

For example, the ability to close (High Ticket Closing – HTC) is a superlative skill for the economy so the more of the superlative skills we identify, meaning open, the better for the entire world.