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By Monika Sleszynska
Hypnosis, Transmissions, Channeling
Artwork: Sage Lightheart

There are many Celestial designs calling to integrate. Conscious leaders are the first in responsibility to bring groundbreaking capacity.

This process requires to allocate a continuous dedication in order to be able to hold stability for the collective.

Here is why some leaders will find themselves in a “postpone” phase. One is to be ready and fit in relevance for reaching their next level.

For some this will require a meticulous and intricate energetic contribution. Old methods will likely to be useless unless provided by the awaken consciousness fully embodied. Some healers are still facilitating under the umbrella of the familiar methods to assist and enable the connection.

The new methods are being broadly integrated and in due operation to assist the collective breakthrough capacity.

Are you a conscious leader?
Have you been preparing and integrating?
If so, now is the good time to power up your connectivity.

Be connected. Be comfortable & be complete!!!

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