“The call to India”

India day 8, 22nd September, Equinox 2018
By Monika Sleszynska

I planned to be in the Egyptian desert oasis for the Equinox Alignments and yet the plan have redirected for being in India. Days passed fast and yet a feeling of Egypt stayed with me at the Indian Monastery. Day after day whenever I looked at the golden statues and columns in the teaching temple rooms, I felt Egypt as if I was there just like I meant.

The call to be in India was unexpected and a big surprise. I took it. That was the choice I knew I could only surrender into. The significance of the Equinoctial energies has been growing. Here I was at a new Earth location.
As I sat listening to the teachings I kept absorbing the new opening. It came while the sun rose. Only that instead of the desert wind I was in a brisk in between monsoon rain breaks. The morning breeze was pleasant. The gongs and bells of the pooja sets were evoking to focus inward and upward.

I stayed kneeling breathing in the Equinoctial sun rays which stroke my spine. The bells and chants danced in the air. dozens of attendees were in front of me. I chose to sit at the back for the good view and space. I loved to observe and stay unseen.

The layers of sounds raised up together with the rhythmic chants. The air opened its depth. I was in it and so were others. The temple air reached out to touch the sky. Oh, how sweet it has become to just let ot be and pass as if a rainbow of a golden mist. Something was new. Fresh layer stroke politely. A blessing of the Earth for greeting her on such special omen. The Equinox!!! All was one, fresh and deeper than I had believed.

I was able to feel the belief structure shifting and laying a new foundation. It felt right. I sensed it was deep, good and beautiful. An opening act of the heavenly realms bringing a blessing. Bliss flew in. Peace widened. And then new level came to be exposed.

How come that I am allowed to witness this depth of highly profound truth? Who is gifting this honour?
I kept absorbing the blessing of knowing. Oh, how sweet. How fresh to be gifted the seeing of acknowledgment into the past of my family. Only that their pasts stood straight into my knowingness in this particular now. The truth of who my father was. He passed in 1991, June. That Summer was different. I was 11. My youngest brother was 7. The eldest was 18. 5 of us and mum. Life for the 6 of us changed.

I felt something big happened. I understood little about death, transition. All I knew back then was that he was here, and then he went to heaven. At least we prayed that he would. Can you ever get insurance to go to heaven? Best I could do was to pray that that is where he would have gone. Best place to send your father since God had chosen to call him back where he belonged.

My fathers life had a few question marks for a decent name and husband. So it felt natural to pray for him at the time that this would make up for everything he required to be in heaven. The funeral coincided with the Pope John II visiting the near town. Nonetheless the number of cars paying honours to his passing was impressive and almost impossible to count. The iconic image of his influence imprinted my memory. It was the ring thread of the cars going after one another through the 5 km meandering road from the village to the church for his final resting ceremony.

Later mu mum told that funeral as such with the numbers of cars exceeding to count on the road’s bend was unusual. Entire county came to honour his passing. I felt dignity on the 3 ceremonial days however I felt I was elsewhere. People were passing, talking. I must have been in a some sort of a mild shock. Never I have seen so many people coming to our house and helping. Neighbours, aunts, uncles… All in honouring the funeral tradition. Acknowledging my fathers death.

Women came to cook and bake. Only that the food although looking very beautiful lost its taste. The plentitude of colourful dishes and cakes tasted sorrow and sad. I ate because we were told to eat. We were seated. All was in a coherent arrangement. I had to be in a particular way to the public. All was known and directed. Things flew smoothly and all stood up as if to a challenge. There was time. All took time and prepared. People were nice. The occasion was tough. And yet all gathered with a belief that we will all be fine.

And here I was, 17 years later, being shown insights to his life. It felt this could be him saying hi from the other side.