Transverse / channeling from Siwa oasis in the Western Sahara Desert

Monika Sleszynska
Visionary Channeling

“Transverse through the intricacies of the consciousness and you will get to know the treasures which the greatest and the ancients knew. 

There is a field of awareness to be accessed for those who are willing to continue and consolidate. 

Once you set on the path of higher awareness, the miracles will happen. Recognise the Mysterious force gracefully awakening into higher Purpose. Once you are in that flow, you see from above and you dance with the Universe. With none concerns of the previous life, travelling through the tunnel of different realities with the force to impact, influence and transition. 

It is a field of awareness where you can connect with others beyond the limits of physical communication. This is happening to many. They have been set on the fast track journeys, paths to something grander, greater. When you start that journey, nothing makes sense sometimes but once you in it, you know exactly what to do so the key is to stay in that knowing and allow this force to work with you and through you so you are being an instrument of that force…

And what you get in returns is an incredible amazing feeling of lightness, transcendence, creativeness, love, harmony. It is a feeling of flying above and you learn how to be there and how to activate others to who they can be, who they can become.”

Channeled in Siwa oasis, Shaly, Western Sahara Desert, 2017. 

Siwa is a place of newly discovered Equinox Alignments (welcome to read other posts on it in the archive section).