Healing to the new levels

Ancient Egyptian and Aztec healing.
Experience of 6 min channeled transmission for self healing by Monika Sleszynska.
Creative channel, Visionary, Intuitive, Psychic, Hypnotist.

I was guided to heal a particular aspect. This type of guidance has been coming for a while. When it does, I am receiving very specific instructions, often in one word.

At times it takes me some days until I discover the coming „letter” was a clue for what I was meant to open up and thus to move forward. I naturally question why is this word coming in. What is it to tell me? It requires a next level fine tuning to receive a constructive information. As the words, phrases, impressions and inspirations come quickly and so much is available to be sent and received, I keep modulating the direction I give it followed by what is coming to my awareness. Especially that these guidances come in spontaneously in daily tasks, go abouts as well as in between the meditative modes. Often the opening to other dimensions is so strong that it allows to be in touch with them coherently while going about the physical activities. Nonetheless, I do question about the best way. The words pop in softly and so it is easy to apply logic. When however the words reappear, I simply dedicate to focus. “What are you here to bring?”.

As I have just experienced deep healing and fascinating revealings by following such a thread, I felt encouraged to go about let’s call it a research on the same day.

It has been a long journey of training after all. This time the guidance gave to heal a particular face expression.

I double checked with the body and sacred geometry neckless if it was better to do it with the Advanced Hypnosis or with the Light Language.

The doubly confirming answer was for the latter.

I sat, breathed and instructed to be still. Part of me was with it and another part wanted me to be over it and beyond the procedure. I wanted to pass the test though I let go of expecting. I wished for nothing. I left an open space. I extremely avoided to be fully in it. It was as if a part of me was to be the helper and another a safe guard, a watch over and an observer. What is going to happen? and in the substantial letting go, a vast space must have opened.

I kept breathing and instantaneously opened to let the chants in. As the sounds came in I expressed them. Something new happened. I normally feel an emotion opening which leads into love breakthrough somewhere in my awareness, somewhere in my physical bodily space. I can also be feeling opening a tangible aspect for i.e. belief restructuring. This time was different.

I picked up I was to give 6 minutes for the healing.

As soon as the language become expressed I started feeling where the sounds went as if a liquor would go to the belly. I felt which area was being activated. It “went” to my belly and ribs area. I was able to see the language acting into there. This I was used to. Now my hands felt to bring movements around some body parts and in front of it, up in the air. I was glad the hands did it, as it has been a bit of time since this types of moves have come.

After couple of minutes of „putting the Code in” both sides of my belly started vibrating in a spiral shape activating a particular cohesion. I could feel the energy vibrating strongly and taking a direction beyond anything I expected.

What came next was a sheer shamanic like experience. It came fast and I was getting my sensory imagination opened up vastly. My brain was in awe.

An image of the Ancient statue shape appeared. Part of me though it could be the Egyptian Bes god. Another drifted to a memory of the Ancient Aztecs depicted on the stones I had seen in the album books.

The vision was vivid. I was able to grasp it intuitively, visually and by feeling it. I was open to see the shapes clearly with its curves, proportions, texture and colour. It was as clear as I could reach with my hand and touch it. Just as if I was at the temple where the statue would be in front of me and in hands reach.

The energetic spirals kept moving as if a roll opening an energetic fountain sprouting and moving to form circling shapes around my both rib sides and belly belt sides. By now my lower body part was vibrating as if a fast flowing stream.

The shapes were hyper symmetric. I was able to perceive it visually, vibrationally and nearly an auditory. I could sense the sound of vibration intersecting. After all It did start from bringing the sounds and now it was permeating my body, nerves and muscles.

My belly muscles tingled. Something opened up. The only thing I felt was that I had to stay still. More than this, I was totally in a state where there was nothing I could do but be only in it. Now my mind turned as if on a pause for this process letting things be and observing what was as it was. I knew this was beyond me, beyond the up to this moment conscious mind knowing. I was as if in another realm.

The following stage took me to witness the recollection of the face expression my grandfather had and as soon I did, an image of my mother came showing how she also expressed this particular shape only that less often and softer. The next was showing to me one of my brothers, and again, just softer and less often. All appeared in sequence presenting 3 generations and myself in it.

Ah! So that is how they were showing it as it was „gifted” by our male family representative. As soon as I made the connection, a sense of relief flooded in. I was in awe. All was fast, meticulous and broadly educating.

The next things was in energy moving upwards, reaching face and in particular flowing in front and around the face. All in a particular pattern. While the energy kept moving swiftly upward, all was in a cohesion, similar geometry design circles started to shape in a perfect symmetry around the eyes and up on the forehead. What distinguished it was that the circles were broad, almost as if solid, the spiral itself led as if to paint something in me.

Things stood clearly in front of me in a nano second. I was feeling, seeing, observing, receiving, looking inwardly, inter-dimensionally, psychically, visually, making “Aha” connections and asking myself gently… Hm, what can be different in me from it? Though deep inside I trusted deeply as if I knew already. Part of me felt as I waiting for this to process and be it.

The images of the Ancient Egyptian statues and paintings flew in with aligned teachings.

“Look! Everyone! Look! Study the shapes of the body in the Ancient temples. Look. This is astounding!!!! All are perfect in symmetry. All are pristine in proportions. All are ideal. Yes… The vision with teachings continued. Different shapes, different proportions however do study the body and face shapes. They are immaculate. The smoothness, the delicate contours, the mesmerising features. Perfection.”

The images of the Ancient Egyptian temples came in. It all made a perfect sense.

That’s all.

By now, I often feel when the predicted transmission time is up. And so it was.

Another word called for the resolution.
This time I took it in immediately.

Again, part of me did wonder how my face would look. I felt and trusted that whatever happened it was going to be there.

I continued and surrendered to a new transmission.
Let’s get this done!

Channeled transmission experience.