Support Collective Balance

Mother Earth is asking for a support through the work with her ley lines.
By Monika Sleszynska
Visionary Channel

Working with the key lines can bring an enourmous shift. Quite often this will be the key for some people. The energetic ley line is in power of impacting the surrounding area. For those who have it as a life purpose this will be a key in sustaining their well being and life direction.

The are lightworkers who spesialize in this way of contributing and can relatively fast attune the ley line into coherence. This links with the responsibility of the person and people living to maintain good energy dynamic on the ley lines.

Many lay lines are kept in tact ogranically by people living there and traditional activities. The good thing is that it is possible to work with the ley lines remotely. These are the skills I am fitted with as well as many lightworkers.

Therefore do consider selfless contribution in adding to the Collective Balance by focusing on harmonising your local lay lines. This type of work always brings personal evolution, expands awareness and generates love vibration.

Working with the key lines is very potent. As always whenever we are guided by the light to apply a focused energy work, that is often when the most astonishing gifts flow from it.

For advanced ley lines attunement arrange directly: