Transconfigurations (TR) Upgrade

Support the transition by unique contribution.
Opportunity to advance personal level with a special upgrade.
By Monika Sleszynska
Visionary Channel

Transconfiguration method (TR) (NEW!!!!!!)
amplifying attunement

Advanced Spectrum Level every Psychic should know about!

*Accelerate your human progression
*Acess your Master abilities
*Open new range of unique abilities
*Broaden your spectrum
*Help humanity by allowing something bigger and greater

We are having a very rare advanced upgrade available. It will only be possible to accommodate 2-3 sessions per person as these are very intense attunements. These are very powerful connectivity tools. I will only be bringing it for a particular purpose and specific period of time. I am only guided to accomodate a certain number of sessions and already received the round number.

Why is this upgrade so special?
It is here to support all of us. Things can be easier when we allow for our best to be gifted selflessly to Mother Earth. Utilising the Earth energy is a neccesity and a request of the light to allow wider spectrum of balancing.

There have been numerous groundbreaking upgrades bringing us advancement and expansion and thus opening new potentials. Hence, being a channel for this type of new amplification has been made possible.

TR is a transkonfiguration attunment. It is very potent for contributing and allowing a natural unfoldment of our capacity. On a physical level it can be experienced as a deep relaxation or meditation. For sensitive individuals the experience can be very rich. Both types receive accordingly to what is most suitable.

This upgrade is one of the most deep energy allocation. Its purpose is to reach deeply, far more than even the already fresh deep modalities. This is a very special opening to allow greater, and so in demand, assistance for the transition. The personal level is being gifted an invitation to advance. These are new levels and much can be improved with this single upgrade.

About the seasonality of the upgrades

The seasonal upgrades are being gifted to Humanity to support the Collective evolution. This way the planetary necessities can be fulfilled. Earth as a structure amplifies. She is a great intelligence we are to navigate coherently. Coherence is a super intelligence and has a vastly balancing role. We can have more inner balance when the Earth energy is maintained in balance.

Every input counts enormously.

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What others say about upgrades with Monika:

Influencer Template

“In my sessions with Monika, I have been blessed to connect with several energy upgrades including the upgrade templates of shape template, DNA upgrade template, language template and influencer template.

I am very interested in the influencer template as I am in service to others holding the intention, amongst others, to harmonise chaos and anchor an energy of centredness within uncertainty.

Monika transmitted the Influencer Template to me in what seemed a unique to my potentials and purpose. I felt energy shifts and feelings of joy and bliss during the transmission.

In the old way of communication, we would be likely to use manipulation and coerce our fellow humans to get what we want whether coming from a conscious or subconscious desire. In the New Earth where free law and divine law is held and we play with creation with personal responsibility, the new Influencer Template from Monika operates from this higher perspective.

I felt a multi dimensional energy-field overlay in which needs are instantly matched with gifts, therefore creating a perfect space for giving and receiving within the light. It is here I feel Monika’s Influencer Template anchored.

If you heart is bursting to help humanity at this time, I very much recommend having a session with Monika and exploring where energy can be upgraded, harmonised and open for you.”

Marc JB 2021

Shapes Upgrade

“I am now a few weeks into the shapes upgrade transmitted by Monika Sleszynska,

Even through it may sound a bit obscure, ‘shapes upgrade’ really is the upgrade that keeps on giving and giving. Here are a few ways that I have found new openness and perceptions in life.

-Greater alignment to my physicality, posture through this deep knowledge of geometric form.

-Perception of energy has opened up, I am much more attuned to the symmetry/asymmetry in energy. Also tuned much more into the patterns and geometry of energy. This has enabled me to be much more delicate with my manifestations, which in turn harnesses more power as there is less resistance. My manifestations are becoming more immediate and powerful.

-The shapes upgrade went into deeper connection with the shapes and form of my DNA, giving me a deeper sense of who I am and what my DNA is expressing in the moment.

-My movement is becoming much more smooth and balanced, I really feel I am becoming more refined, elegant and eloquent.

-I am more sensitive to the underlying patterns and geometry in words and speech, bringing more attainment. alignment and elegance into my writing and voice.

-My work is becoming more aligned and pleasing in its format.

-I see patterns in all the cycles from the micro to the macro. From the seasons, to the phases of the moon, the precision of the sun and the heart beat and breath, I am more more balanced in the cycles. This results in a feeling of refinement in the moment.

I highly recommend Monika as a guide to help bring your inherent gifts into focus.”

Marc JB