Planetary ascension update / SOIL

Part I
Planetary ascension update

The areas on Earth where the soil has remained untreated and is in its natural state are absorbing, assimilating and anchoring the energies well.

The way the soil was treated had an effect on energy anchoring. We are talking here about an areas of 100’s km, as much as 300 km.

With this comes further explanation about the around year ago information that the best choice for an advancment would be to live for 3 years in pure land, nature embeded and let the body expand on a cellular level. For some this would be the most beneficial.

In the lenght of a life time, this would allow exponential existence reconfiguration. Leaving away from the civilizational over stimuli offers reconnection with the Soul skills. This is a life time choice. How much Souls will advance will be down to this choice.

Those who choose so, will make a path, will shift what is possible. Even though this have been seen to an extent, this time invites to take a leap of following the unconventional.

If you are considering to make such contribution, contact to consult which specific locations will be suitable for you.

Monika Sleszynska