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“Psychic insights” for book authors. Increase your book sale 10 000 fold.

“Psychic insights” for book authors.
Increase your book sale 10 000 fold.


Why some books sell slowly and how to change it?

Titles and book covers carry a lot about the essence of the book.

The least favourite is when the person presents their current personality which is still in unfoldment. Unless you are a super famous already this may work little.

Book is a gate opener. Both, for you and for readers. Remember: The cover is the door.
What is on it may determine your sales and thus profits.

Here is the thing:
Who you are, you already have been seen.
If that got you the millions of sales then fantastic, you are phenomenal.

If it is far from it look into your most significant symbolism. You will increase your book success by including a symbol which most promotes who you are.

Symbol is the key to your presentation. And it is the key to your success. It is the key to your income.

Symbols are encoded on a deep superconscious levels. While some who have opened their sensitive gifts can see it in the field, you would go astray thinking that the common buyer will tune into it.

You can simply assist yourself by adding the correct auspicious symbol to your book cover.
This way you gift your symbol directly to potential buyers.

Symbols can work far faster than images.
While it is known that one image can communicate thousand words, the symbole can do even more and speak 10 times stronger than the image. This adds to 10 000 more impact.

Do it with utmost accuracy. Symbols are powerful. If you are to use them, make sure that your intent is matching the content. This gives a potent combination.

There comes more intelligent information.
It is possible to intuitively check 5 major directions of the symbole for your book cover.

While some book publishing companies present symbole very well, some may surely improve it.

If you would still love to include your face and body, best give it in alignment with your Future Self.

Here is the tip. We love Future. We long to become our best future selves. This time is so much about being a leader and Future opener.

By giving yourself a snapshot of your amazing Future Self, you will communicate vibrationaly the positive outcome to others.

The good news is that rather than leaving it to sheer Luck, you can arrange a private intuitive symbolizm consultation and get a super conscious bird’ eye view.

Get in touch if this softened you.

Monika Sleszynska