The importance of connectivity with the Higher Self

The everlasting messages from the Higher Self are about love. Yet, these can be composed of various puzzles.

There are levels of tasks here on Earth and there are levels of wisdom in the Higher Self for it. This is communicated by multiple intricate ways and with the attention to all.

This give us three levels:
Tasks. Higher Self. Wisdom.

The Higher Self will deliver accordingly from the level of wisdom to the level of task.

I have recently been brought an insightful share about the wisdom of the Higher Self and how it spreads for years ahead. Our Higher Self can foresee our lessons, it can foresee our love expansion. Ultimately we are to integrate love to all life lessons.

Even though I have felt the concluded teachings in the past, it it always valuable to be reminded. It is everlasting learning how to proceed when we have someone new in front of us.

The Higher Self got us covered for it.
Yet, the number of people we can encounter is vast. Thus the number of lessons is rich.

While we can take the lesson and simplify that it is about a lesson even when the person can be new, they will still act to deliver the lesson only that with a new angle.

It is simple to see that the day will be different, the season will change, our age will move up, the location might be new, yet, the same lesson might be present there.

Encoding this lesson is huge. It is precious.

That is rarely taken into a broad context. We are this vast and so are the others. As we come in touch with so many elements (Billions!!! Available!!!) in the human bodies, each becomes a vast lesson.

Yet, the way I understood is that our Higher Selves got as covered for it. It is there, the master plan of learning and fulfilling it resides.

Even though we can debate where exactly the plan is, it is the master ability to communicate, comprehend and clearly see. That is why being in tact with the communication with the Higher Self and evolving it to highest integrity is of such importance.

Even if if takes us a different way of conveying the same one meaning by the assistance of the billions of Souls who can provide us with multiple billions of possibilities to see it. Yet, we are only to touch base with some of them consciously and interact directly with even less while completing the lesson.

The number is infinite. The areas where people are in integrity with the Higher Selves are the connectivity points for humanity.

As we shift into completion, we climb higher with the connectivity to the higher selves.
And so, this way we assist humanity.

Monika Sleszynska