Where are the billions? Visionary ideas by Monika Sleszynska

Are you up to be a billionaire?
If this is your dream, read this post.

Billions are simpler than millions.
It is so because they maje it easier for all of us.

The transcendence is holding the billions. Those who assist in transcending will become rewarded. The ideas are multiple. It is about people being willing to take upon such ideas.

While some travel far to access it with help of medicine, these are available to connect naturally upon a billionaire life style. Diet is a key here.

Today’s billionaire idea is for the crystals project.

A platform which would go about bringing Synchronicity and Arrangement for the crystals and activity with crystals around the planet.

It is a vast potentiality. The planet would Love this support.

The current state is in random crystals work. Then we have Global Meditation dates where individuals and groups add their crystal contributions.

Just like there are Global Company networks, there can be super network for crystals. Global, unifying and assisting to bring frequency coherence.

The project is billionaire income in nature because it would bring a Global impact, where needs meet the wants and gifts can be exchange’.

This would greatly assist to elevate the planetary vibration. While the planet can assist herself without us, it is the human speces who will benefit the most from the vibrational shift.

There are those who have learnt to work with the energy and have been assisting others yet let’s look at the state of humanity.

Why would this project be a billionaire?
The answer resides in contribution towards releasing the less auspicious vibrancy elements. These can be uplifted through the work with the grid.

The importance is high due to the relevant impact on the planetary weather conditions.

This is indeed a planetary project.
You can have Wealth and Abundance when the weather patterns are in coherence.

Balancing the weather patterns is a multi-billionaire contribution.

It is natural that this requires super specialised coordination, crystal experts and plenty of active participants.

Empaths are the super leag here in adding their contribution. Working with crystals is about feeling and subtle communication.

What a beautiful project to fulfil…!!!!

Monika Sleszynska