New Skills, Abilities & Tools.

New Skills, Abilities & Tools.
By Monika Sleszynska

The range of skills in our economy has been expanding.

It is important that we look at skills, abilities and tools as direction setting elements of our life.

In terms of human potential we are just tapping into the financial potential of the freshly identified skills.

Skills and abilities contribute to the development of tools. Here comes a revelation. People with unique skills and abilities are the ones who can establish new positive directions for the income opportunities.

Let’s take the coaching area for example. Coaching is based on human to human skills. Coaching can be seen as a tool with micro tools in it. These allow to bring people into coherence, balance and open from there new potentials.

When it comes to human potential, environment is a big key contributing to what potential can be facilitated.

The levels of potentials are up to the breakthroughs made. Those breakthroughs can be accelerated. There are known tools which give the known level of results.

It is natural to think that in order to breakthrough to the new levels, one would be to look into new tools.

Here comes the level of collective responsibility for the direction which can be given.

Here we have individual and collective environments. The key to make breakthroughs will be in bringing the evolved individual tools into the collective environments, be it a company, corporation or an institution.

Official and non official tools.

Here comes an enormous key to be considered.

The new tools will come from individuals who can be coming from non collective environments.

The current trends have been about going to see a shaman in a different than the modern world collective environment, let’s call it non collective environment. From there people would bring and implement change.

Coaching is the very official avenue for bringing the change.

The key to enhancing will be in bringing more evolved individuals to the official environments and this means less conventional tools.

The key to make such a decision will be about safety of the new tools. That is something to look at from few angles.

The new tools can be tested quickly and easily. This is easy to address. When the tools are conscious, it gives the safety of being free from the unknown results of the non collective environments.

The ideal is to blend both. The individuals compatible with collective and non collective environments will be the ones having unconventional tools. This will come from people who have taken unique paths. It is simply so, because tools require space and time to develop.

Modern environments are arranged in a particular way. Tools hold the capacity to arrange environments into a new better way. For example an even can be such a tool. When arranged in a coherence and with ethics, it creates a collective auspiciousness.

Here is how allowing the newer tools will serve better and faster to the collective environments.

Vision. Mission.

It is important to look into unconventional tools for faster breakthroughs.

While particular unconventional non collective environments have become popular, this time invites us to focus on organic self development and unique abilities understanding.

The collective environments have opened up to newer tools. If is natural to see there would be a progression into the new tools.

Abilities can evolve into tools. Here can understand the stages and progress.

TR / Transconfigurations is such a new tool. It is organic, grown naturally. It reveals the full spectrum capacity.

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