Conscious Callings

Consciousness of the quests
Conscious callings

Discover the value of quest energy.
Quest are special trainings. While the meaning says it is a search, adding intention to the quest brings a potent Alchemy. Thus it can become both, training and search where intention becomes an instructor all leading to the Alchemy.

This is what makes quests particularly potent. It is the value of time put into a particular direction where the common goal is a breakthrough.

While breakthrough is a general term here, the intention, length and components utilised are the ingredients for the outcome.

Then the play is up to the one taking upon a quest.

Taking up a personal quest can be seen differently. And so it is. For example, taking a first step to find answers such as seeing a Psychic or a soulful consouller is a form of a quest.

Here come simple questions…

Who does the quest?
What is the quest for? / What question are to be answered? / What solutions can be found?

While the special or exotic locations are perhaps the most known for quests, the truth is that quests can be performed anywhere, even at home town and at the comfort at your home.

What makes for a stand out in a quest is a level of mindfulness and conscious dedication.

The energy of the quest is a unique due to the training which includes following the guidance and acting upon the signs.

The quest can be taken upon a personal intention or upon a heart’ calling. It can be both. All quests are heart’s callings whether perceived as the answer or a conscious initiative.

Callings can come through few channels. The person answering is to read and open the next step.

Example: when you meet a facilitator for a particular solution, that is a form of a quest when intended so.

If you plan to see a famous conscious leader for a joy of it, this would be different that a quest. While it can be good, adding the conscious intent is what brings the new dynamics.

Here comes the difference in how mindful we are in doing particular things. It is the power of mindfulness applied to a chosen direction.

From this you can understand the success level and what becomes open.

While things can open anyway, it is about understanding how our actions add to a particular outcome. Here we understand better our contributions.

Author: Monika Sleszynska