When you are 5 and above millionaire…

When you are 5 plus millionare you would be best off having your own designer.

Here is why. Extra Rich Consciousness comes from the designer spectrum.

There is your own unique style. It is really simple for the expert’s eye.

Let me tell you a secret…

Your moves are your moves.
Your measurments are yours and only.
You make angles and swift turns like only you can.

You might be thinking of your clothes. It is correct. Your body, when it moves, it leaves a gesture wave in the air.

When you gesticulate, you open sacred geometry. Those can be seen by the sensitive gifted people.

You hold a pattern and wealth of design in you.

You also respond to seasons. Accessories make sound and this sound travels alongside your skin. Wood, Sea Shells, dry nature elements, bones… They all make sounds. Be delicate yet bring them. When those sounds travel they enliven, elevate and enhance.

The raw tribal communities ignite these very fondly.

Sound carries the mysteries.

Let me return to your measurments. They are uniquily yours. Only you have your shape. It is known that as you evolve, your contours shift and become more distinguished. These are the elements to magnify your beauty.

Take it into consideration. When you are supernaturally gifted, each element around you could potentially evoke to become a conduit for depth.

Here you see how all details become your Mystery and Mastery. You will appreciate how well it feels to be embodied in a tailor made cocoon.

That is when what you wear on the outside truly guides others into you. That is also when your crown chakra reastablishes for whom you as seen as.

Could it be that the True Queen wears outfits which are on the hundreds or millions of others?

You are unique, precious and excellent in all what you do.

If you wonder about your super Queen Style, let me see if I could Channel for you.

As you see Channeling is a gift which opens when guided so. It works very differently to standard orders.

If it comes, it is a great blessing. If it tells to wait, it might be a long time till it is here in such an avenue.

Would you like this to come to you?

Warmest blessings,
Monika Sleszynska
Channeling Designer Consciousness
Selected individuals only