„Becoming a fountain of gratitude” how it came…

„Becoming a fountain of gratitude”

How it came about?

I was following the guidance as requested and one day a beautiful fountain of gratitude flooded in and showered. This made me rethink how much I have understood about what is possible to experience through the practice of gratitude.

One is to practice until they experience such a breakthrough.

Here is why I am offering 30 day guidance to align with the deeper potential which comes through gratitude.

Any practice becomes empowered by the unified intention. From my experience when we follow guided steps this shows the road map how to maximise it.

Here we have the ingredients of doing a unified task and thus magnifying its potency.

There are multiple ways to practice gratitude. This is why I am bringing 30 day guidance. Gratitude can have many directions.

The purpose of the guidance here is to co-join in similarity of the direction. This is how the practice becomes empowered.

On one side you will receive a daily guided direction for the practice of gratitude. On another you will have the empowerment of the most advantegous gratitude for each day in the sequence of 30 days.

Out of many combinations having the guidance offers to make more breakthroughs and advance faster.

Here understand that just like there is a better thing to practice in the Spring, there will be another different practice best for the Winter.

Knowing what to practice best on which day is a knowledge of the cosmology.

As we are continiously expanding, it is natural to add value to the practices by reaching to the fresh guidance.

This is to allow more precious breakthroughs. Guidance brings a unique intelligence so more phenomenal breakthroughs can be made.

The possible breakthroughs under the guidance are extraordinary. This is why we have the inteligence of guiding steps so more impact can be achieved in a much shorter time.

Therefore, draw from this intelligence and make the most of it.

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„Becoming a fountain of gratitude”