Passions that inspire. 2 Mini car inspired businesses.

Passions that inspire!

Love Mini?
Some of the great peoole I have met and got to know their passions are in Mini car business. I met two of them through my passions of traveling, hypnosis and journalism.

I have a writting passion. Once upon a time I worked as an interviewer and a journalist.

Just 4 years ago by serendipity I was hired by news magazine and here is a fruit of it.


I met Elhamy Ezzat at his mini museum at Cairo’s Zamalek for an interview. I discovered he used to live in London like I did. Having met him in Cairo, I felt how the two big cities London and Cairo treat to opportunities for growing passions and connect people.

What a rare chance. Few years later I was recomended to somebody and learnt the newly met person had a similar passion for Mini cars only that this time the Passion for Mini was revolving around London sightseeimg.

Check out www.smallcarBIGCITY.com and discover the passion for Mini cars put into business by the founder Robert Welch.

I hope to see more of the Mini cars in both cities.

Here is the sweet bit. When you share your Passion, you naturally attract others with passions to your life.

The passions might be different and this is how it should be. This is the unique potentiality of the Passion. You are a unique Passion weaver. While there might be one great product, the way to build prosperity around it, can be astounding.

It is about living your core values and this happens naturally when you are living your Passion.

One nurtures the other.
Do you know your Passion?

Your Passion can be identified and better understood when you dedicate to give it attention.

Living our passions is a great power.
Be sure you let this power flow and deliver for you.

Read out the earlier article to see proof what is possible.