Totally Splendid Testimonial!

Totally splendid testimonial by Robert Welch, founder of UK based smallcarBIGCITY classic Mini car London experience.

Monika came highly recommended by several friends and I originally sought her council for a relatively silly, superficial issue that I was having – I could not stop biting my nails! I have always been intrigued by the process of hypnosis and approached the initial session with a degree of trepidation. Her years of experience and calm, mindful, meditative practice immediately put me at ease and saw me confronting insecurities that I had not addressed for years. Monika is a master of her craft and quickly identified that my habitual nail-biting was ultimately the result of a more deep-rooted underlying inner conflict I was subconsciously experiencing. As soon as this was identified I felt a sense of cathartic relief that immediately reduce the habit significantly. Sometimes all you need is an impartial observer to gently point you in the right direction to break a habit and this is exactly what Monika did for me. Even when the majority of the issue had resolved itself, Monika was still willing to spend more time and energy providing me with the tools I required to make sure I was comfortable keeping the habit at bay. One by-product of my sessions with Monika that I had not predicted was her insight into my business. She unlocked a clarity of direction that I had not been expecting but was profoundly helpful during a global pandemic when my company was experiencing patterns of consumer behavior that it had never had to deal with before. She was instrumental in clarifying the road to recovery and gave me renewed energy with which to do it.

I would not have been able to steer my company through this global pandemic without this process.  I could not recommend her services more strongly. 
Robert Welch 14/11/20