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“Capture your soul’s gravity!”


With Monika Sleszynska
Interdimensional Chanel
Care to your Mystery!

5 days program:
on line

7 min daily
tailor made
live group calls

4th February 2021 / completes: 8th February 2021
8.00pm UK time

Apprecation: free

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Howe we do it?
Several modalities
New Earth methodology
New tools
Consciousness transfers
Channeled technology

In the program:
Star Creativity
Music realm (acoustic adjustments)
Musical instruments (shape breakthrough)
Furniture effect (design and mood)
Clothes design intelligence (travel in time)
Feminine Elegance
Masculine Luminosity
Learn faster
Auditory modules
Leverage anything (superconscious leverage)
Maths for super consciousness breakthroughs
Stability of choice (analytics)

Bonus topics:
Art Potential
Nature Alchemy
Bold Attire Creativity
Presentation Creativity

Principles: Group Cohesion, Energy Coherence,Synchronicity, Love, Peace, Unity, Master Beauty Code, Ancient Lemuria, Ancient Aztec, Ancient Egypt, Breakthrough Consciousness, Focus Consciousness.

Ancient light technologies have vast capacity to enlighten the human realm. They have been very active through variety of means. One of the most phenomenal messages coming forth has been from the realm of the INVENTOR. This level has been awaiting for the human realm to reach greater capacity. It is looking and turning its head almost as if saying: “When are they going to change their ways into happier, easier and good for everyone?” This is what creativity does. It allows to do what we love, keeps us vibrant and energetically alive!!!!! It is that simple. WE ARE IN THE AGE OF AQUARIUS & CREATIVITY IS THE KING.

Channeling is one of the most extraordinary experiences you can encounter in the current lifetime. The capacity of what can be brought is phenomenal. And most of all this is a greatly enjoyable process. Anyone can tap into the creative realm. The secrets are in how to access it and how to expand the focus mode so more sophisticated levels may become accessible. This links to conscious mind fitness and how flexible one becomes in creative thinking, having “Aha!” moments and opening to imagine in multi spectrum.The more practice, the better results. The more you give in, the bigger breakthroughs you allow to come forth.

Creativity & Wealth. What if you Study Your Creative Goodness first?

Many wealthy people have one thing in common. They studied other wealthy people and followed them. Imagine you could study your own Future Successful Creativity. This version of your already exists. You are just to draw from it. The world is changing fast and thus the creativity is taking new position i the wealth creation. The world has been taking a new direction and creativity is a big auspicious element.

Consciousness as a new currency

Channeling offers opportunity for some of the fastest transformation on the planet. Your wealthy self is a transformed self and this very transformation has a wealth of value. Channeling is a bridge to merge and integrate your future creative, beautiful and wealthy self.

The advantages of channeled knowledge is that you receive a direct experience through educating energy. Here learning is beyond linear and thus much faster. Instead of years of reading and searching for the knowledge you have opportunity to tap into the Universal Wisdom and Frequency directly, receive it smoothly and integrate harmoniously.

You are already full of precious content.
You just need to open it, see it, acknowledge and believe that you are the precious knowledge. Receiving channeled activations, codes and energy continuously for days and weeks creates space for a build up. This form of upgrade is the most leisure mode there can be. Channeling energy assists to gently unwrap those things and make way for true deep understanding and that opens a bridge for a solid foundation and allows to access higher frequency.

There is an extraordinary knowledge which is flowing through channeling and this is the chance to absorb it. You are a container with a capacity to receive this new knowledge through a direct energy experience during transmissions.

ANCIENT CREATIVITY is a broadly expansive program with an intelligent channeled capacity of the facilitator Monika Sleszynska where she combines several transformative methods and pioneering methodology to initiate consciousness breakthroughs.

Be amongst the first wave to open and anchor the future creativity and thus open fresh possibilities.

Includes conscious technology for subconscious reconfiguration to align with the loving, empowered and creative version of you.

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    All about the ANCIENT CREATIVITY.

    About Monika Sleszynska

    Monika Sleszynska is a highly attuned versatile Visionary, channeling light language and Earth bound solutions. She belongs to the elite team of Austin Advanced Hypnotherapists and Quantum Healing Hypnotists (methods crafted by Valerie Austin and Dolores Cannon).

    Monika travels extensively to beautiful sacred lands and unique nature locations reactivating advanced Earth energetics where she creates tools serving Humanity, the Dreams of Love and Personal Excellence.

    Monika has masses of experience in facilitating breakthroughs for the groups and individuals.

    She is able to induce a fast track connection with the Higher Self opening the participants to access their Higher Selves and strengths thus creating a bridge into their better versions of themselves with ease. The big revelations and breakthroughs often happen instantaneously.

    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
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    Here is what others say about Monika’ Sleszynska facilitation:

    “This is another part of the new ways that we cannot know, until we are introduced to them which is what Monika is doing.
    A new frame work is being set up in this space of meditation, frame of light vibrations that are being created by our authentic self’s coming together as the unity alliance, activating with sound, light, love focus on heart/brain coherence, as the beginning.”

    Barbara Neville, UK.

    “Thank you Monika !
    It was such a beautiful energy work filled with child like joy and innocence just like the Father Mother Source is and offers us. I also enjoyed and participated in the tuning in the wealth vibration you opened and I felt the expanding self and all those beautiful qualities and feelings that come with the allowing ourselves to be and have what it’s ours what we deserve .

    It is so with everything else that we desire , isn’t it so? Wealth, life partners, little things and big things . First we tune it and become o e vibrationally with what we desire and then let go and move towards manifestation with yes , the child like joy and giggling with the laughter that you so beautifully and magically you bring in.

    You really bring in the fairy elemental world …in more than one aspect! Not only you look like a fairy but you possess the magical vibes and mystery and unexpectancy of their world the play and the joy the healing through that wonderful playful music of tour energy .. Much love much light to you”.
    Mia, Divine Coaching, London

    “My experience through Monika’ channeled energy was amazing. I can say I have been through many channeled experiencess but none like hers. Good energy, calm voice, relaxing, laughing as, it made me laugh as well. Such happiness moved me. Gave me a sense of belonging, a friend, someone like me, this is supposed to be. The other language surprised me for a second, but then it was pleasant. This did something to me that helped my selfworth, trust, love. I wish everyone could feel like I did afterwards. It changed me in a way I cannot explain. Monika I do believe you are an “ Earth Angel””
    Kim, US.

    “Monika is the most powerful energy and most beautiful soul I have met. Since I have met her my whole energy started to shift. That shift I could feel coming finally took place. I could feel that something was there, hanging in the air and Monika has been for me that powerful energy channel I was needing. My hearth chakra finally opened again after quite a long time. I have started to take the first steps towards my brand new beginning! Thank you Monika!”
    Elisa, London.

    “Monika, I wanted to warmly thank you for the full program series. Those meetings have became the element of my daily reality and the 3 weeks has passed so fast. Thank you for your work, energy and all recordings. The program gave me support and inspiration during the creation of a new product design. My offer is ready and I am happy and proud of being able to share it.”
    Katarzyna, CEO at Dealwithculture, London

    “Beauty sessions touched and uncovered the core of me that I have not seen or felt for most of the years of my adulthood.. In one of the session especially, I was able to reconnect and perceive my inner beauty… which went beyond what I expected and cannot be put to words.. When that happened I had tears rolling down my cheeks. The feeling was so gentle, kind, warm, and loving.. I feel like something has shifted in me since then. I am more gentle with myself, kinder to myself and more heart centred. I also feel beauty radiating from inside out.. as opposed to my former socially dictated focus on the outside. I also feel that my inner Divine Masculine and Feminine have so much more fun dancing and being together. I have more fun being together with Me. Thank you.”
    Dagmara. Bahrain.

    1. Phase 1 / Faza 1 Poziom 1

      klasyczny balans i przygotowanie do odbioru *2 pierwsze tygodnie w zależności od dopasowania grupy

    2. Phase 2 / Faza 2 Poziom 2


      praca z profilem energetycznym osobistości i wielowarstwowy Channeling

      *przewidywane 3 tygodnie

    3. Phase / Faza 3 Poziom 3


      przekaz światła z wyższych wymiarów dla uzyskania dostępu do profilowych funkcji wyższego szczebla

      * 2 tygodnie